Why Remove Firefox Colorways & Themes?

I really liked the previously released Cheers Dark colorway.

Why would you make colorways time-limited instead of keeping them available for as long as possible / indefinitely?

Removing themes that users like for no good reason only encourages them NOT to try new themes and/or Firefox so as to avoid this unnecessary issue.



As I understand it, those themes were designed to only be available for a limited time, but there are plenty more available from the Firefox Add-ons site.

If there is a particular design you like that is not available, while I will not be able to copy the one you had exactly, I am happy to help make something similar.

Yeah, it’s strange that they’d make themes temporary.

I can’t seem to find a good pic of the Cheers Bold Dark theme but here’s a pic:



There is one that looks like that available here:


Not bad at all!

You’re welcome. Happy to help.

Looks like colorways were removed entirely. Pretty dumb. Think I’ll take my OCD self back to my Edge browser.

if they wanna develop this, have fun. but it’s not useful so i want it removed. maybe they should work on chrome instead.

HELL no. Do Not move from Geko to chrome.

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