Widen the frame?

Are we able to widen the frame to make the apps all fit on 1 screen without scrolling? The icons are pretty big.

Looks great though! I love the alignment to our new branding. :slight_smile:


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I am also wondering if it would be possible to increase the information density of the dashboard by reducing the size of the icons, beside making the container wider. Also having a list instead of a grid would make the dashboard much easier to scan and read :wave:

Yup, we are tracking/working on it here: https://github.com/mozilla-iam/sso-dashboard/issues/101
Feel free to contribute thoughts/ideas/code… PRs ;-]

@amin This change to icon density is now deployed.

Very nice! Thank you for making that adjustment. Looking forward to this dash evolving.


Thanks. We can’t evolve it without your suggestions. :slight_smile: So keep them coming.

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