Widen the frame?

(Steven Potter) #1

Are we able to widen the frame to make the apps all fit on 1 screen without scrolling? The icons are pretty big.

Looks great though! I love the alignment to our new branding. :slight_smile:


(Amin Al Hazwani) #2


I am also wondering if it would be possible to increase the information density of the dashboard by reducing the size of the icons, beside making the container wider. Also having a list instead of a grid would make the dashboard much easier to scan and read :wave:

(Jbryner) #3

Yup, we are tracking/working on it here: https://github.com/mozilla-iam/sso-dashboard/issues/101
Feel free to contribute thoughts/ideas/code… PRs ;-]

(Akrug) #4

@amin This change to icon density is now deployed.

(Steven Potter) #5

Very nice! Thank you for making that adjustment. Looking forward to this dash evolving.

(Akrug) #6

Thanks. We can’t evolve it without your suggestions. :slight_smile: So keep them coming.