Widevine addon is crashing

So I’m trying to watch a video on Kanopy and it keeps crashing my firefox. I can watch the video on Chrome, and others can watch the video in Firefox. it’s just my plugin that is crashing.
“The WideVineCDM has crashed” is in the top of my browser window. and Kanopy says “Failed to initialise media keys for EME”

I’m on version 123 on Windows 10 on an organisation controlled install of firefox.
i tried turning off the add on, then turning it back on (re-downloading from google)
i tried a reset from within firefox
I tried a reinstall from the organisation’s portal.

no joy.

I’m experiencing the same issue.
Spotify not working as well as my IPTV provider.
Spotify is working fine on edge (brrr :wink: )

Widevine ver. 4.10.2710.0, Firefox 123.0.1 64 bit
uBlock is off on Spotify

It looks like issue 1866152 or issue 1891385 might be related. You might want to share some feedback on one of those issues to help track down the issue.