Will Identity API be supported in Firefox for Android?

Web extension’s Identity API does not seem to be currently supported in Firefox for Android (see here). I was expecting maybe it would upon public release of Fenix, but unfortunately it seems that it is still not supported. Are there any plans about this? Or anywhere I can follow the status? Thanks

Hi Diego, thanks for bringing this up. Unfortunately it is true, we don’t currently support the identity API. We’d love to implement support for new APIs while we roll out more add-ons for the new Firefox for Android.

As we’re focusing on Recommended Extensions currently, there are a few other APIs that will need to be worked on first. That said, there are at least two Recommended Extensions that need the identity API, so it is not unlikely that we would add support at a later time.

Please keep an eye out on the add-ons blog where we will share information around future plans for Firefox for Android and WebExtensions.

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Hi all! 5 months have passed since my original message. Apparently, the Identity API is not yet supported in Firefox for Android. Does anyone have any information regarding whether it is going to be implemented and when? Thanks!