Windows.create with scrollbar but without toolbars

(Danijel Job) #1


i wan’t to open a new window; either as popup, but with scrollbar, or as normal window but with disabled address bar and other toolbar’s.

Old API allows parameters to specify a window UI in detail:

            width       : width,
            height      : height,
            //popup       : 1,
            dialog      : 'yes',
            chrome      : 'yes',
            centerscreen: 'yes',
            menubar     : '0',
            scrollbar   : 'yey',
            resizable   : '0',
            toolbar     : '0',
            location    : '0',
            personalbar : 'yes',
            status      : 'yes'

From current documentation ( i don’t see that possible.

  • is that considered as a bug or a incomplete feature?
  • how window can be opened as described? (scrollbar: on, toolbars: off)

(Niklas Gollenstede) #2

Whether a window has scrollbars or not depends on the overflow of it’s HTML content.

A WebExtension “popup” doesn’t have any bars except for the OS title bar (but currently you can’t control the title in it).

(Danijel Job) #3

It’s not possible to open regular window with following parameters?
resizable : ‘0’,
toolbar : ‘0’,
location : ‘0’,

(Niklas Gollenstede) #4

No. As I said, a “popup” doesn’t have navigation- or toolbar. But you can always resize it (you could of cause give the html element a fixed size).