WoMoz Badges - Call for designs

Hi all,
Yesterday we open a call to gather proposals
for designs for Open Badges. We need 2 types: the Womoz Badge and Womoz
Friend Badge.
If you know mozillians that might be interested in designing them please let them know about our call.

Have a great Day!

Share the call: https://twitter.com/WoMozilla/status/557630043909025792
Proposal feedback will be gather here: https://womoz.etherpad.mozilla.org/OpenBadges2015


Womoz logo for inspiration:

Do we have the PSD or AI file of the logo??

You can find it here:

My proposals:

Friends of Womoz:
<img src="//csa-discourse-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/213428f8a6ad5aca33f91e8c84ffa1acd623dd6e9495.png" width=“443”



Nice ones, Elio!

Proposal for Womoz Badge


I’m not a designer, but thinking of concepts, maybe “Friends” of womoz could be flowers? Trying to think of things that are “friends” of bees. I know there is a danger of being too feminine if a flower is used, but maybe someone can make one that is more bold. Or maybe there is a better idea following the same thinking.

Also be careful not to look more like Hive than Womoz -

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How about this…???

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any one plz take a look on this…:slight_smile: