Work with animations


I got
“KeyframeEffect is not defined”
That’s problem is known?
I can fix it with codepen page by add script for web-animation js.
Can this page be fix for animation run?

(Nicolas Chevobbe) #2

I don’t reproduce the issue.
Which Firefox version are you using ?

Also, are you talking about the “Firefox Developer Edition” animation ?


Hi I use Firefox 55.0.3(32bit) & Firefox 59.0b10(64bit)
Also Chrome 64.0.3282.167(64bit) & chrome 66.0.3350.0 canary (64 bit)

But all got the error message!!
My system is win7 64bit


I got the problem . Need to use about:config to set the preference dom.animations-api.core.enabled to true.

(Abakarticle) #5

We use HTML to tell stories and communicate vast amounts of information—and animation helps us do both better.

(Brian Birtles) #6

I’ve updated the sample now to no longer use APIs that are not shipping in release builds of Firefox/Chrome.