Workday notification email links, SSO, and new hires

(Tim Smith) #1

Hi! I’m a new MoCo hire and I don’t start for a few weeks. I’ve started getting notification emails from Workday asking me to complete various pre-hire tasks. The links in most of the notification emails redirect me to a URL which prompts me for an email address. I don’t have a Mozilla email address yet (that I know of) and the auth0 page appears to reject my non-Mozilla email address without an error message.

The URL I received in my “Workday Account Created” email continues to point to a Workday login screen where I can successfully log in.

It would be a little smoother if the Workday notification emails contained links that allowed new hires to use the Workday login, since we don’t have SSO-enabled credentials yet.

(Vwhite) #2

Thank you for posting this – I ran into exactly the same problem during my onboarding, and having access to the SSO-less link was extremely helpful.