Working Groups - Mentoring

Owners: Shahid

Problem statement
We haven’t been able to provide a proper mentoring to our Reps. In the past, our mentorship role is only limited to budget review. We haven’t been able to provide proper coaching, personal/professional development for Reps, and proper guidance for making the impact. Our mentorship structure is mainly built around bureaucratic tasks. We have fantastic mentors who are doing a great job but we’re also not supporting them actively.

The goal of this working group is to update the mentorship structure (including educational materials and staff support) to provide more coaching and personal/professional development for Reps, rather than a focus on bureaucratic tasks. We will also try to create ways to recognize the impact that Reps are having ranging from a recognition culture to LinkedIn recommendations. The another important goal of this working group is to introduce a 1 year term to all roles within Reps. After 1 year all different roles need to be evaluated and reconfirmed.

Possible Questions that need to be answered:

  • How are the trainings going to to be done?
  • How Reps continue with fx area in observe with mentor for fx area?
  • Will mentors be categorized as well? How will this applied to existing mentors?
  • Are we assuming leadership?Where is the difference between the Participation Team and Mentors?
  • After this program optimization I become a functional Rep, do I need to contact a “Resources” Rep to have a budget filed for an event?
  • How does the Mentor <-> Mentee relationship change?Who can become a mentor? Any rep or does it have to be a specific Reps group?

How to get involved
If you are interested in helping in this group, please fill out the following doodle with next week dates for an initial meeting

@ariestiyansyah @Rizki_Kelimutu @Christos
Please let me know if you are still interested to help in mentoring working group? If yes, please fill out the Doodle for an initial discussion/meeting.

Very interesting. Would love to join the team.

@shahidfarooqui yeah, sure. I’ve add my time in doodle. Also, I wouldn’t mind if someone will send a follow up plan via email.

Hi Rizki,
I have sent a follow up mail on day before yesterday. Please see you mail and let me know if you did not receive it. I also shared a google doc with you. However, I will schedule another round of meeting very soon.

I seemed to have missed the Doodle deadline, but I would like to be involved. Thanks!

Can we also link the github issue from the first message here?


Hello Sahid, did you had your first meeting? If yes, where I could read notes?



I was not able to join meeting, due to travel. But we have a Google doc link

Thank you

No we could not meet as of now.

Hi All,
Based on doodle input, I scheduled the meeting couple of time but unfortunately no one turned up.
I have to schedule the meeting once more. I will be doing this next week (possibly on Monday or Tuesday)

Thanks & Regards


Dear All

Since our previous meeting could not happen due to some unavoidable circumstances, you are requested to fill out following doodle option to schedule a meeting.

Thanks & Regards


So, how’s the decision about the initial meeting time?

Hi Rizki and all

The initial meeting will be held tomorrow, Tuesday 1 March 2016 at 15:30 UTC (9:30 PM IST). You all requested to join us for the initial meeting at the said time using any of the following channel.

Mozilla Reps Vidyo Room:

Phone: +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9 9669 and then #

Please feel free to contact me for any further clarification.

Thanks & Regards

Shahid Ali Farooqui

Hi Shahid, is there any chance to change date and time of the meeting. I just notice there’s a doodle, and the time chosen collide with another meeting we have in Participation team


Oh, how’s the meeting going? I missed again this time. Too busy to check discourse lately.

After some conversations with Shahid, we decide to have two different calls on next Monday March 7th, at different timezones to try to have more participants in this working group.

Shahid will be leading a call on these options:

And I will be leading another one at 23:00 UTC on the same day (11 PM). Please add your name to Shahid’s doodle or be at Mozilla Reps vidyo room for my call :slightly_smiling:

Hi Guys

This is a gentle reminder for today’s work group mentoring call. You can still indicate your availability at following doodle link.

Meeting will happen today 7th March 2016 during 15:30 - 17:30 UTC (9:00-11:00 PM IST)
Venue of the Meeting
Mozilla Reps Vidyo room (please join muted)
Phone: +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9 9669 and then #