Mentorship - concrete steps

Dear all,

Thank you very much for the feedback on our plan for the Reps Mentorship program.

We have discussed your feedback as well as our original proposals, and we now have a set of 5 concrete steps that the Reps Council will put into motion in the next weeks.

Each of these steps will be the responsibility of one council member, and will be carried out with the support of other council members. If you are interested in helping out with one of these tasks (or sub-tasks) please let us know.

  • Communication:

    • Set up a template and a schedule for mentors’ call.
    • Carry out regular mentor’s calls.
  • Define mentors role and activities

    • Prepare templates and guidelines for mentors/mentees communication
    • Communicate on new mentors role and activities (e.g. through discourse, updating the wiki)
  • Assign/reassign mentors - Inactive mentors

    • Responsibility for mentor assignment and reassignment
    • Be the main point of contact for mentorship issues
    • Communication to check that all mentors still want to be mentors and if any mentors is feeling overwhelmed
    • Check that all mentors are in the right channel of communication
    • Create a template for a regular overview of the mentors
  • Mentors Onboarding

    • Renew training and organize regular onboarding.
    • Set a schedule for mentors onboarding and carry it out regularly
    • Review and update the mentors onboarding material
  • Project follow up

    • Devise a way to evaluate results and collect feedback when all steps are completed

Please let us know if you have any feedback.

  • For Communication and Mentors Onboarding, perhaps if we can have an LMS (Learning Management System) – or – in addition to our existing communication channels. By having an LMS, we can also track the progress of Mentors.
  • For “Project follow up” I wish to have a platform similar to what we had with the Reps Portal.

This is a very good proposal

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Hi Robert,

thank you for the suggestion.

We are currently using Teachable for a part of the mentorship onboarding, but not for all if it. Can you give me an example of how such a system would be used?

Regarding the “project follow up” what functions of the Portal you wish we had? We could try to find an alternative.

If you wish to help out with the project directly, or to discuss any of these proposals with the council member in charge of it, please let me know, and I will put you in touch with the right person :slight_smile:


On top of my head, if there is a way for us to improve the Community Portal to reflect some key information that we used to have at the Reps Portal:

  • Who is the mentor of a particular Rep? and
  • Who are the mentees of a particular Reps Mentor?
  • If we can have a field in the Community Portal event to add (1) hashtags used; (2) post-even report/blog – documentation?
  • Perhaps if we can have an indicator or field to check if a post-event report has been filed already?
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The community portal cannot be changed to add new things… especially for reps stuff

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You can find the public list of mentor and mentees via . Click on the "other " link in the description.


Tim Maks

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Hi Robert,

We should indeed have a discussion on how Reps might report on events. Posting a link to a discourse post in, e.g., the “External link URL” field might be a solution. I am not so sure myself, but it is something we will have to consider.

However, I think this is a separate discussion from the mentorship project. Mentors are moving to have a role focused on supporting reps, and not on actively checking if they are active / approving their budget. Therefore, they might not need to check on event reports (at least not systematically).

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