Writing mode

coucou @mikoMK! je n’ai pas réussi cette tâche


Hi @fenosoaliva_ratovoson

Congratulation! You set all props correctly!

On a general note: It would have been better to replace the props in the .box instead of adding them to .vertical. .vertical should only include writing-mode: vertical-rl;. The logical props in .box would then behave correctly for different writing modes.

Does that make sense?


bonjour @mikoMK! pourtant quand je charge la page le mien ne ressemble pas à celui dans l’exemple de MDN :sweat_smile:

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Yeah exactly. :grin:
Your vertical box has, for example, the correct padding-block-start:40px; but also padding-top: 40px; from the .box that doesn’t react to the writing mode. The correct borders get also overwritten by the “wrong” borders of .box.

bonjour @mikoMK! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: ahh ok merci

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