Writing To: Messed up with prior update and even WORSE now!

The prior to current update messed up the excellent, convenient way to address the e-mail interface:


The prior to the current update was already goofy to put it mildly and frustrating because the “To” persisted rather than allow replacement by Bcc - wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what went wrong but ended up concluding this was the new DUMB design feature

The Current Update 78.4.3 made things far worse. Now you cannot simply get another instance of Cc or Bcc by just pressing the Enter key. You now have to go to a different part of the screen, to find Bcc, and nothing else.

You cannot get Bcc more than once.

THIS IS INCREDIBLY DUMB, total waste of time and Extremely frustrating.
LEAVE THINGS ALONE, rather than CHANGING (ruining) THINGS for CHANGE’s sake.

Anyone who know the least bit about Habits, Learning in Humans and Most Animals understands that LOCATION is of prime importance, and Change is always a challenge.

It’s almost like forcing people to change the meaning of everyday words that we use.

Who are the FOOLS who think up these ways to waste our time ? Fire the IDIOTS.

I’m certainly going to change e-mail client if Thunderbird is not going to put this back the way it was, not only because it is wasting my time and getting me totally pissed off. If this is the way things are changing, Thunderbird will be getting totally useless with good, accepted interface undergoing needless changes with every damn update.


If you agree with my comment please add your voice.

In case you’re interested, this thread explains the principles behind the changes to the way recipients are entered:

You could use SeaMonkey - that still has the old look. Or Sylpheed, if you don’t need html email.

You can’t add multiple addresses to To:, Cc:, Bcc: or something else?

Check out Addressing Email

That is correct, you cannot have more than one To: recipient
nor can you have multiple Cc ,or Bcc

Just try it yourself.

Sometimes if you have more than one group mails with different interests etc.
you may want to send a particular link or message to both groups of people that you have under different Groups, so you want to add them as Bcc to the same e-mail.
You can NO LONGER do that.

Why change something that worked perfectly well ? It’s the epitome of foolishness.
It is CERTAINLY not an improvement even if it still functioned the same -in this case it does not.

I have now looked at the explanation that DaveRo pointed out and while I now understand what the new design is supposed to fix, and see how I can add multiple To: recipients, it does not work easily and I resent having to relearn how to do stuff I have done for over 15 years. Hence I still consider it an incredibly foolish change and total waste of my and other people’s time.

There are lots of other things that should be improved in Thunderbird, and addressing is not one of them.

I will be actively looking for another email client.



Thank you for the link.
I read the explanations you provided in the link and now I see the reason the changes were made, but I still consider this change a terrible one. It took me a lot of experiments to figure out how to add more than one name for To: and it is confusing and requires a lot of careful attention.
It’s like having a cars steering or braking and accelerator redesigned, so I have to relearn how to do something that I do without conscious thinking at all.

I have not, nor do I know anyone who has experience the problems that this change is supposed to fix.

Had the explanation made things easy to use, once again, I would go with it and stop complaining, but it is did not, and I still am frustrated and annoyed more than a little bit.