WTF is new AMO design?!

Sorry about possible offtopic for this category, but WTF is new AMO design?!

There was the only announce, that some changes will be scheduled to debut in Firefox 48, but suddenly this blue nightmare has arrived right now!

Is there are any way to stop this madness or I’m alone who hate it so much?

Layout problem?

This CSS rule breaks the source viewer:

 * {
     font-family: 'Open Sans',X-LocaleSpecific,sans-serif;

Probably all the <code> elements in add-on descriptions are in this ugly “Open Sans” font.

@jorgev Who can fix this? Thank you!

This is not about layout, the whole new design is absolutely ugly. Too bright blue everywhere, pretentious fonts and a lot of unused empty space looks awful. But the height of folly is that on single addon’s page the description is on the same blue background as the top menu, which make them totally indistinguishable. Moreover, has anyone ever thought that transparent addon’s icons was never intended to be shown on the dark background?

The development team is aware of a number of bugs in the current design and will be working on fixing them in the coming days.

I like it :3

The bright blue text on white background is very hard to read. Poor design choice.

In our blog post announcing the AMO design refresh, we said the new design would go live with Firefox 48. We didn’t specify the channel Firefox 48 would be in when this happens, so some people thought we meant it would go live when Firefox 48 reaches Nightly (which it did), and others thought it would go live when it reaches the release channel in August. This resulted in a bit of confusion, and we apologize for that. We will try to be more specific in the future.

The purpose of this design refresh is to bridge the gap between a 5-year old design and a complete overhaul of AMO. We intend to use this time to collect feedback and reactions from
you as we work towards a full modernization of the site. We will iterate and improve. If you notice accessibility or any other user interface issues, It would be really helpful if you file them here.

Biggest thing missing is link to and management of collections. Please see my other replies here:

This add-on NO LONGER WORKS because mozilla made change to their site for security reasons. I appreciate the motivation BUT we again lost access to easy management of collections. See this post here:

Let’s make some noise…hopefully someone at Mozilla will listen.

HELP @maritz

tried it and it doesn’t work. someone enlighten me please. very new in this!

No…it no longer works, as per the reasons in my previous post.

@maritz, @jorgev can this be addressed soon in some way? This is VERY painful.

I have no plans to update the add-on to work around this issue. The workaround is to use legacy APIs rather than WebExtensions, in case anyone is interested in creating a fork.