YouTube High Definitian Behaviour!

(Peter Robertson) #1


I have been using the add-on from Baris Derin for ages, but, in this latest version of either the add-on or the new version of FF it is not behaving correctly.

For example I have it set to pretty much the default settings but it keeps acting weird in setting the play speed at 2x, no default sound level, and despite having the default youtube behaviour set it just doesn’t play an y videos unless I click on the play bar in the video and make it start from e few mins into the video, then press the play button manually to make it play, but then when it comes to the next video I have to do it all over again?

Also despite having highest quality setting enables it just plays everything at 480p? when there are clearly 1080p available!

Please see attached images.


PS I am up to date with everything and run FF default

(Peter Robertson) #2

So nobody has any ideas?

I thought this was the right place to post because it’s the Mozilla support forum!

(Jorge) #3

To get support for a particular add-on, you should try contacting the developer. The add-on listing page usually has links for support options provided by the developer.