Youtube thumbnails modification unable to change on Firefox For Android

I tried to use youtube thumbnails like adding an extra layer on thumbnails, and changing the youtube logo…
Suddenly it doesn’t work, tried combinations from DOM to everything.
As currently expected, you can see the PC version at (includes the run.mjs for web-ext package in npm)

I even added the url in permissions using the manifest file (://*), not working at all, i tried several times to fix the problem, and tried BOTH publishing the pc version and mobile for testing, and the web-ext package in nodejs, they’re both not working, i also tried building it from source (forked at https://, the pc version works, but the mobile version still not working.

Can you be more specific about what isn’t working on Android?

For the moment, I’m going to assume that you can’t install the extension on Android. If so, that may be due to the fact that the manifest.json file does not declare a "gecko_android" field as documented.

like adding a layer to the thumbnails in images folder, and logo (replacement to Youtube logo), also i tried gecko_android but it didn’t change whatsoever.

I’m having some trouble understanding what you’re doing and what the problem is.

Looking at the commit history of the repository you linked, it looks like you cloned ablooished/Pearify-Youtube and used that to create your repo.

In your your original post you said “suddenly it doesn’t work.” Did you ever get it to work? If so, I’d recommend going back through your git commit history and figuring out which commit contains the changes that made it stoop working. From there you should be able to identify exactly what in that commit broke the extension.

nope, you accidently entered the wrong repository, as it is (forked and changed to the repo provided), i spoke with the owner of the repository, he said that he haven’t worked on the android version back then, but i was debugging and trying to test other versions that he had, suddenly like changes haven’t been made under //* or //* but i don’t know what caused for it not to work properly as i followed the docs, trying to scout and search for a fix, but no response after all.