Zero Hedge

If you read and participate at Zero Hedge dot com, you know that some of these ad blocking extensions can make your thumbs up and down clicking on comments freeze up. I have found that StopAllAds and UblockOriginal both do this, but if I disable them, then the socalled “Sponsored Stories” ads remain in Zero Hedge articles, which I’d like to eliminate. Would be interested in any comments and/or solutions from those familiar with this problem. Thank you for any help!

(I tried the Brave browser and it worked like a charm as it had ad blocking built in, and thumbing up and down comments at Zero Hedge was not interfered with. I digress, but one problem with Brave is that if I have links on my desktop, and Brave is my default browser, all those links are a bright orange, Brave’s orange lion icon, and that is a distraction and looks like clutter on my desktop.)