ZNC Server

So we had a ZNC server that went down (I assume due to hardware failure since we got a instance retirement notice a few hours after) and unsurprisingly, there’s not a lot that we know about it. Given this, I’m not very eager to put it back up again until we get a bit more information on it’s usage/ownership and a plan on how to host it properly if we decide to bring it back up.

  • Who uses this server? Is it just a handful we can push over to matrix?
  • Who owns it? Who maintains/will maintain it? Is there a bug/JIRA for the request? Any documentation at all?

cc @tad @JLensmeister as a starting point.

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I’m trying to make an AMI, in case we do decide to start it back up. I’m not confident that it’ll be successful, though, since, as yousef said, it appears to be hardware failure.

What if you did this not as an AMI but as a Playbook such that others could spin up their own instance of ZNC anywhere?

We’d lose all the config that nobody seems to have access to.

Had @tad been responsive to this? This was his thing.