Zwave aeotec zstick not finding devices


I have the aeotec zstick but when I search for devices it doesn’t find any of my zwave devices. I have several already configured on my WINK hub what steps do I need to take to add them to moz IOT gateway?

(Kathy Giori) #2

Could it be because your existing Z-Wave devices are already paired with your WINK hub? Did you try unpairing one from the WINK, leaving the WINK turned off, and factoring resetting the device or restarting its pairing with only the Things Gateway enabled and scanning?


well none of the devices say that they have to be unmanaged before being managed by a different device. but let me try a new one thats not been paired with my wink and see what happens.

(Kathy Giori) #4

Here are some notes about how Dave H tests his Z-wave devices (note that pairing state != whether or not device shows in UI/database):

  • Factory reset my Z-Stick - just so I was starting from a clean environment

  • Plugged Z-stick in, started gateway - saw no devices listed in the ZWave scan

  • Clicked + on UI, Press switch on my smart plug, plug showed up in UI - clicked save
    (device state now both paired and in UI/database)

  • Remove Zstick from RPi, Press action button for 2 seconds (till flashing yellow), press button on smart plug, when stick flashing yellow again, press the action button one more time (takes it out of removal mode and the LED should stop blinking)

  • Plugged Zstick back into USB, restarted the gateway, and saw no devices shown on zwave scan

  • Remove stale device from UI (right-click to remove)

  • Click + and device pairing buttons etc. to go through the inclusion process again

(There is access to unpairing if you use debug mode and send REST requests using Postman or similar)

  • When the zwave scan is done (while zwave adapter loaded), that tells you what is actually paired or not
  • When you click + it shows you paired devices which aren’t stored in the database
  • Removing a device in the UI just removes it from the database. It still stays paired with the ZStick


I was able to pair an unparied devices, but it seems to me that the UI is either broke or I’m missing something. I have a bunch of TP-Link devices I had added the TP-Link add-on but to simplify the add device screen I removed TP-Link but yet all those devices still show up when I click the + add device button. How do they still show up if TP-Link has been removed?


Looks like a reboot clears out the leftover devices.