500s and "Body is too similar to what you recently posted" errors

(Desktopd Mozilla Product Lead) #1

When posting, I sometimes get a “500” error and then the message “Body is too similar to what you recently posted” when I retry. Nothing is successfully posted in such cases.

(Axel) #2

Had the same problem in https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/500-internal-server-error-and-trying-to-get-ones-post-through/7369

(Yousef Alam) #3

The “Body is too similar” is to stop people from spamming multiple threads with the same content. We’re hoping to fix the 500s with a Discourse update soon.


Was the update in concern carried out meanwhile? When trying to start a new topic in the addons.mozilla.org category, I still get notified about a “500 internal server error”. I get no message about similarity, but the post is not created nonetheless. As you see, answering here works fine.

Do I lack privileges to post there? Is this something that should be fixed? Is any workaround known?


A few days later, the post was accepted without any problems.