A demo project for Pontoon


This is a follow-up to my previous post where I proposed to add a special project for Pontoon tour. The idea is that strings will guide the user through the features of Pontoon, like this:https://imgur.com/a/CQYvvad. In our case, we are planning to focus these strings on the use of Translation Resources and Search/Filter

It is supposed to be the type of project that can be seen by everyone, exists for every language, but for which translations can only be seen by users who created them. These two projects should also not be visible in dashboards and excluded from stats. We plan to use such a project to let users try features without having any impact on other users.

An attempt to address this can be seen in the pull request: https://github.com/mozilla/pontoon/pull/1003

However, there are some things which need to be discussed about this:

1. Name:

What would such a special project be named? Adrian, Matjaz and Stas came up with some great ideas. You can have a look at it here.

2. Saving translations:

Will users be expected to come back to it afterwards to look at some of the examples or do you expect them to do it once and never come back? I think that depends on the number of examples we keep. If these are few in number, then I don’t think people will revisit it. Users not coming back will mean that we don’t need to save user’s translations between sessions and only keep them on the client side until next page load. Also, saving translations can make the code more complex in many different places.

3. In-context editor or default editor?

There is another special project, which we’ll use to demo in-context localization. Perhaps we can join them into one project?

We’d like to hear what you think about them. Also, any kind of feedback and ideas regarding this and the overall tour will be highly appreciated.

Re 2.

I’d suggest to find a way to store translations. I’d also suggest to do so at a later stage. That would at least help when someone accidentally clicks reload. I’d clean up old stores after a while, and it might be a good idea for someone to prune one’s store. The latter is interesting if you’re doing demos, and you explain the tour-project, and you’re doing it the next day again.

Re 3.

I’d say default editor for sure.

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As of https://github.com/mozilla/pontoon/pull/1057 it’s been decided to call those projects “system projects”. Those are accessible in the Translate app but do not appear in dashboards and are not used in stats calculation.

I agree with @Pike here, I’d like to give users a way to find their previous translations. On smartcat.ai, I like being able to go back to my previous translations of their tutorial.

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That’s another reason to make tutorial translations not shared between users.

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