A small request: Dashboard - Sentence Collector-Verify connection

On the Dashboard page, please put a link to the sentence-collector verify page if there are any waiting sentences (inc. sentence count).

This is the third kind of participation and it is mainly missed by casual users.



I’m not sure I understand this request. How would that be different from the current “Review sentences” box that is already there apart from showing numbers?

Sorry if I missed it, but I fail to find “review sentences” on the main page or dashboard… Here you set goals (record / listen) and get accomplishments etc (good UX).

I found sentence collector only after I visited some forum posts (the pinned one has everything in it, I know). I’m not sure if everyone reads these forum posts.

What I’m suggesting is to put a third “goal” on the dashboard, which is where everybody looks. At least a “warning” that there are sentences in the collector waiting to be validated. I did put thousands of new sentences but nobody is aware unless I personally inform my friends. No new / quality sentences, no good recording & listening, no good DL - I think.

Something like that:

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Ah, sorry, now I get it! Goals, achievements and leaderboard would be nice to integrate for the Sentence Collector as well, I agree. However that would not be straightforward as currently Common Voice and the Sentence Collector are different websites with different databases.

I don’t think complex mechanisms such as leaderboards are necessary. As adding sentences to sentence collector only happens from time to time and mainly in batches, an “alert-like mechanism” like the one shown on the above snapshot would suffice.

Because different sites/databases involved a simple json API could be generated by cron which can further be accessed by the main site to show the link/button if there are non-zero values for the language/locale shown. I’d say, an hours’ work?

Anyway, just a suggestion.