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Sounds good :smile: :+1:

Myself, I probably belong to the … and more… category. Am not a pro coder, but am around a long time, actually about ten years longer then what became Mozilla Firefox. I was a die-hard Navigator user, shunning Internet Explorer, Evolved along side netscape usage all the way through phoenix, and later then firefox.
This is probably the largest dramatic change in it’s life so far.
I have not found anywhere a group or category where one could make suggestions for a few current legacy addons [one will be ported that I know of, just am not sure if in time for Nov.14th].

Or maybe there is some where a list of extensions that are already written in stone to be included in the 57 version.
I am currently on 56.0.2 -64bit and have experienced over the past few weeks the changes slowly taking place of some extension developers. It is a daunting time for some, keeping their users happy, yet gettting ready for the 14th. This is not an easy task: for example: I am a heavy user of FVD Speed Dial [I have well over 2700 dials] - and yes, firefox performs just fine for me.
The author serves ca 120 thousand users. But some of the users have heavily bombarded the developer because the closer we got to even the 56, there were several instances where the addon just could not perform because of changes.

I have made it my mission to help the developer team as good as I can in documenting cause and effect over the past few weeks now. Giving the developer a chance to have at least temporary fixes or work-arounds up rather quickly.

On my part, I have also been using waterfox and frequent the reddit forum, just to know what’s going on. This developer has given his time since 2006 and has refined probably the best speed dial there is - I should know. I am online since 1993, and have always strived for efficiency yet stylish and easy on the eyes extensions, apps etc. I have tested every dial there is [started getting to know dial well when opera was a choice a long time ago back in the days] and I have simply not been able to come up with anything coming even close to what this FVD Speed Dial does.

Just to mention: I have no affiliation with their team or association, other than my personal appreciation for a job well done continuously over the past ten years by this developer.
I have no clue if they will manage to be ready for the 14th. My concern is, that there simply is no alternative available.

I would appreciate your input, recommendation if anything I can do to suggest a particular extension that is currently in Legacy status.
I read for several hours around here in various categories. Just could not really find an sufficient answer.

What criteria is used to make decisions which extension are worthy and which are not?
What is the degree of points taken in to consideration.

Kind regards,
Michele [emk]

Hi @mediapuck! Thanks for reaching out. There is still time for developers to port their extensions to the WebExtensions API in time for the Firefox 57 release, and developers will still be able to migrate even after the release.

According to their website, it looks like the developers of FVD Speed Dial are planning to release a compatible version of their extension soon. When they update the code, you should automatically get the new version.

For more information about what to expect for add-ons with the Firefox 57 release, how to find compatible extensions, and how to find replacements for legacy extensions, please feel free to take a look at the article on SUMO and Frequently Asked Questions.

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