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A category for designers (professional or hobbyists) who want to contribute to the many design projects around Mozilla.


Submit issues, find collaborators, and work on open source projects by getting involved!

Get Involved:

  • Check out the projects looking for work, or submit your own on the GitHub Repo here.
  • Sign-up to the mailing list to be added as a contributor to the Repo, added to the regular meeting list, and to get emails about GitHub trainings and more!
  • Read Elio’s blogpost about the project and its first meeting.

So where is the COMMUNITY DESIGN telegram group :grin:

pls let us know your telegram id and we will add you.


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Please add me Telegram Community Design Group.
My telegram username: @SukantaPal

Hey guys! Are you talking about Mozilla Open Design Telegram group that mentioned on a github? Or there is other secret invintation-only group? =)