Access to add-ons denied?

hello! my laptop just forced its way through the newest Windows update and now my add-ons aren’t working and the custom theme at the top of Firefox is white instead of the theme’s color scheme, and the letters/symbols are also white. my add-ons say they are enabled and working but when I try to access one of them I get the following error message:

"Access to the file was denied

The file at moz-extension://76324ce6-5251-46b9-845d-ed4e488e661d/ui/configure-for-current-tab-panel.html is not readable.

It may have been removed, moved, or file permissions may be preventing access."

It gives me the option to “try again” which results in the same message. does anyone have any information or suggestions on what’s gone wrong? Thanks!

It sounds like the update broke something your profile. I suggest you give that article a read and see if there are any solutions there that work for you.