Access to STMO


How can I request access privileges to STMO?
I found various documentation for this service, but it’s nowhere documented how to request access.

This hasn’t yet come up frequently enough to have a process as well-defined as, say, the Commit Access Policy, but in general you’ll need to meet three conditions:

  1. Have a Mozilla LDAP account
  2. Have signed the NDA
  3. Have a demonstrated need for access related to your history of contributions to Mozilla projects

(The first two I know nothing about, so I might even have them backwards. But they are both preconditions.)

For now, do note that this is a bespoke process. Meeting these three conditions may not be enough in all circumstances, and things might change. We’re looking into formalizing and publishing this process, likely on, and at that time it’ll be somewhat more stable.

These requirements are already quite restrictive. Is the community even able to get an LDAP account?
Is there a way to get limited to data access for a specific project, like the stats that Mozilla provided for Let’s Encrypt?

Well, the easiest stuff to get would be public data. The two big places for that at Mozilla are:

Anything not covered by those is published via a different bespoke process which is even less specified than getting access to sql.tmo. In that case you have to have a specific request, we sorta-kinda figure out if we have the time and resources, and then we publish the answer someplace public, or send you an email, or something.

We’re working on formalizing this so that people with access can publish data or even full datasets knowing ahead of time what sort of things we hope to do with it (expect these publications to live somewhere on when they happen, and to be rather more polished than our original approach), but for now it’s this really squishy thing.

There is no data on, just charts :wink:

There are two examples where the data on is not enough:

I’m interested in more detailed comparison of security and privacy features in specific regions different stats between platforms and comparison with other transparency reports and open data collections.
These stats are further required to deprecate obsolete crypto in clients and disable them on servers.