More regions

Hi there,

Currently the data User Activity and for User Behaviour can be drilled down into by selecting one of 10 regions. Are there any plans to add more regions in future?


Good question! @p_xnm7xj5nch850a5qcpd76 might be able to say more.

Hi Albert,

Good question. Right now, we plan on keeping steady with the 10 countries since we’re trying to strike a balance between simplicity and granularity with our data.

Out of curiosity, was there a particular reason or use case you wanted more country level data? I think If there’s a widespread pressing need, we could reconsider that design.

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Thanks again guys. @p_xnm7xj5nch850a5qcpd76 I am curious about data from Australia, but that is more out of personal interest.

Australia/Oceania and Africa are underrepresented by the current selection.
It might be better to have a selection of regions in the meaning of continents and not just countries.

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