[Action] Discourse Team needed

Discourse is doing well, and we are at the point where we need a team to handle content and management of our Discourse instance. Some of the things that need to be done outside of the regular IT/Ops scope:

  • Set policy for and review
  • category requests
  • reported posts
  • requests like name changes
  • Track feature requests
  • Surface their recommendations to IT/Ops to implement

At least @yousef should also be in this group, and for now we can still oversee this group, but this is work that needs to be taken off of our plates for the most part, and it is an easy pathway for contribution.

@majken - how about a targeted email to a couple people? Or an eventual blog post that hits Planet?

I like starting with targeted, perhaps we should post in the threads where we discussed using Discourse at all first. I think it would be good to start with maybe 2 or 3 people we can work with to flesh out the role of the team and then can take over responsibility for onboarding new volunteers.

Also, maybe we should just start with the people who are already using this instance a fair bit. I assume there are ways to contact all members of the board?

I’ve been meaning to get involved with CommunityIT, mostly with infra stuff, but I’d be happy to lend a hand and get started. I run a discource instance myself so I know a thing or two :wink:

@axi42 - that’s great! I sent you a private message to follow up and figure out how to get you started.

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While we try to get more people to volunteer, here is a bug that you may or may not want to work on to get started:


If you want to draft a policy around account changes like this, that would be helpful and the rest of us can review it.

I’d love to volunteer to be part of the Discourse Team.


Hopefully we’ll get a few more volunteers and then we’ll try to get organized. Feel free to start on the proposal as well.

I’ve started a pad here - https://communityit.etherpad.mozilla.org/Discourse-Admin-Policies

That you can use to list the things admins should have official policies on, and then start brainstorming those policies.

Hey Kensie

I’ve added my view on how the policy should be for Vouch Requests.
Kindly do look at it.

Warm Regards,
Rishabh Banga

There wasn’t much context in the pad. The idea is to have a policy on how to handle it when people post threads saying “hi could someone vouch for me?” People should only be vouching for people they know, and so people in need of a vouch should be asking people they work with.

So on the one hand, we don’t want people just asking for vouches as that dilutes the quality of the vouching system. On the other hand, if they are doing it in a category where they are active, eg in the Community IT category, then that wouldn’t necessarily be inappropriate. We need a fair policy on how to handle topics where people are asking for a vouch.

Bumping this with a pad @tanner, @leo and myself quickly wrote to get this going.