Policy for changing usernames on discourse.mozilla-community.org

Continuing the discussion from [Action] Discourse Team needed:

Leaving this here for more input. Feel free add to it

For user requested changes

  • Need proof that it is the user requesting the change
  • Need to be sure the requested username isn’t regularly associated with someone else
  • If request is to match other Mozilla property eg Mozillians/Reps portal then ++
  • Not vulgar
  • Is not misleading
  • not impersonating someone else
  • not impersonating staff or someone of more authority

Requests to change someone else’s name

  • User is using a name that is associated with another Mozillian
  • ie risk of confusion/impersonation
  • Name otherwise misrepresents the user
  • eg as staff or product representative
  • Name is vulgar or insulting
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