[Action Required] Help first-time OSS contributors get started with Test Pilot

Test Pilot family!

This coming Thursday, I’ll be presenting a workshop as part of the Mozilla Developer Roadshow series teaching the basics of open source software. I’ve developed a companion site to help attendees and other prospective contributors find good first bugs to practice their newly-learned skills, using Test Pilot and the myriad experiments as fodder

Site: https://testpilot-contribute.herokuapp.com/

Repo: https://github.com/chuckharmston/testpilot-contribute

A request for each of you: please help me ensure that this list of projects and good first bugs is populated and definitive by Wednesday at EOB. This will help us reach our Q3 OKRs and keep building a community around our little family.

Q: Who will be attending this presentation?

It will be members of the Denver/Boulder area tech community, of varying skillsets and skill levels. Many will have never contributed to open source before.

Q: How do bugs show up on this site?

The site is actually a simple front-end to GitHub’s issue search, fetching issues across a series of projects that contain the "good first bug” tag.

Q: How do I add my tasks to the site?

First, make sure your project is on the site. Then, tag your issues! Any issue tagged with exactly “good first bug” will be included on the site, and issues can be further filtered with tags representing the skills necessary to complete the task:

  • “skill:html”
  • “skill:css”
  • “skill:js”
  • “skill:react”
  • “skill:documentation”
  • “skill:webextensions”