ActiveInbox Plugin Review Process

I posted this in the support forums and someone suggested I try here…

I’m a paid subscriber of ActiveInbox and had been using the Firefox plugin. Unfortunately it has been out of commission for over a year. On their support forums they’ve commented that after a substantial rewrite of the plugin, things got bogged down within Mozilla’s review process. It has been stalled ever since. I just asked for a status update on that thread and was told “there is no change in the way Firefox process updates” and nothing is happening right now. As a paid subscriber, I’m just trying to get something more definitive as to the status of their plugin as I need to decide whether or not to continue to pay for the service. I greatly appreciate any information. Thank you!

We can’t share specifics of the review process with anyone other than the developer, but I can confirm that it stalled a long time ago. It’s up to the developer to submit a new version to us for review or get in touch with us to move forward.

That’s perfect. That’s all I need to know. Thank you.