Review Process Suggestion

(Dandersxon) #1

As an add-on developer that makes frequent and continuous additions to functionality in my add-ons, I am a bit concerned about the timeliness of the Mozilla review process - especially as compared to Google and other browsers, and particularly when and if a reviewer find grounds for rejection. Because the Firefox add-ons go through a more time-consuming manual review process - which is good for security - it also provides a somewhat varied tolerance in what is accepted each time. It also seems strange that a submission is placed in the back of the queue again after a rejected review, instead of in a separate “already reviewed once” queue. This can cause a single submission to take a month or longer to get accepted due to relatively small technicalities. Anything that can be done to optimize this process I think would greatly benefit the Firefox developers community, and decrease the lag and frustration felt by developers. Thanks for listening.

(Jorge) #2

The review process will be overhauled very soon, and no waiting will be required for add-ons that use the WebExtensions API.