Add Comment by reply to Notication Email?

Hi All,

I am already subscribe to Arabic Category by Watching it, then receive notification emails for new topics. when i try Add Comment for topic by reply to notification email, it doesn’t work. Is it normal?


I’m not seeing any emails from you in the logs, nor in the inbox Discourse checks for replies. What address are you sending to?

I reply direct to the email and this was the receiver:

This test reply from my Email :smiley:

@mohamed7afezz - Which topic are you trying to reply to in the category?

Perhaps you could start a new topic and @ mention myself and tanner, that way we can try replying from those email notifications.

It is test reply for this topic.

I think this problem come when i add photo to reply email.
Here in this topic, i sent plain text email that it work fine! but when i insert photo to the reply email the comment not appear here.