Add On Didn't Pass Review Because of Inappropriate Content? Why?

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Not sure what happened here?

Content rejected by Add-ons Review Team about 7 hours ago

This add-on didn’t pass review because of the following problems: 1) This add-on contains inappropriate content.

Developer Reply by Artax Consulting about 7 hours ago

can you say what exactly the inappropriate content is?

Developer Reply by Artax Consulting about 6 hours ago

No, I’m not using any inappropriate things. It’s is just a selected text or word counter extension that will help us to get how many text, word, sentence, letter etc user select from the website that’s it. Nothing else, and I use storage API to storage that history into the browser storage.|

Same issue here, bug with the review process software?

Same issue here, have you solved the issue?

never did, despite submitting various versions, trying many different things…never heard from Mozilla on what the problem was either.

Yes, mine was given the massively clarifying

“The description doesn’t match the code functionality.”

Seemingly to do with parts of the description. They also complained that the link to my company’s general website was not specific to the product so was deemed “not relevant”.

I guess my suggestion would be to try rework your listing. I managed to get mine through after a lot of to and fro that was essentially unnecessary bureaucracy.

Thanks for the feedback - disappointing that it’s so formal like that…not sure mozilla will attract many future devs that way who have everything that matches up.

Ironically I received an email from Mozilla today on petitioning Google for their Youtube algorithms not working (" Tell YouTube: Fix your feedback tools and give users real control over their video recommendations!")

Responded that Mozilla should fix their extensions first haha