Add-On Error

I had an add-on downloaded and running before the last update (Firefox Quantum version 67.0 (32-bit)). It disappeared, so I tried to load it again, but I get the error message: “Firefox prevented this
site from asking you to install software on your computer”

The add-on is for Mypoints.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Bette Kuhlman

You should still be able to install that file. The warning just tells you that it’s not being downloaded from an official Mozilla site.

It doesn’t though. I have tried several times. I tried restarting Firefox and even rebooted my pc. It will not load. Is there something else I could do?

You can select a file to install in the cog menu in about:addons (the add-on manager).

I don’t know what the cog menu is? Do I go to the extension page or the get add-ons page?

The extensions one, and then it should be in the top right of the list, just below the search box (the search box on the page).

This is all that the screen shows

In the top right you have a cog/gear (:gear:) button, clicking that will give you a drop down menu. That menu should have an item “Install Add-on from File…”.

Ok, I am showing my ignorance! Where do I find the file?

And what is the name of this file?

I don’t know what the file you downloaded is called or where you downloaded it to.

It doesn’t download a file. On the page www.mypoints,com I select "add Score to Firefox. It opens a new tab ( and without doing anything (blank screen) I get that error message saying I can’t install software.
(sorry to be such a pain)

I think I see the problem. I scrolled down on to where it says “Add to Firefox” and clicked that button. That directs an XPI link to a new tab, which Firefox apparently doesn’t allow.

If I manually modify the link in the Page Inspector tool to remove the target="_blank" attribute (the bit of code that sends the link to a new tab), then it works normally: I get a warning, I click Allow, then the installation drop-down appears.

As an alternate workaround, instead of hacking the page’s HTML, you can right-click the button and Save Link As to save the XPI file locally. Then you can use the method Martin described to load that locally saved file.

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Thank you! That worked!!!