Add-On folder location


I’ve planned to follow this article ( ) to write a simple adapter.

Instruction says:
You can download, copy and paste, or git clone one of them into:

My problem is that I cant find that directory.

you need to configure your gateway 1st and then log into it,
this folder should be there

make sure to have the . in prefix (it hides folders)

Then blog post should be fixed:

cc: @hobinjk @mstegeman @benfrancis

Have this folder moved ??

A couple versions ago (0.4 IIRC) it moved to ~/.mozilla-iot/addons which on the Raspberry Pi is /home/pi/.mozilla-iot/addons (note the leading dot on .mozilla-iot)

ahhh… sorry my mistake… works fine.

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Now the add-on folder location is moved to /home/pi/.webthings/addons