Add on for scrolling image capture?

Can anyone direct me to an add on for FF that can capture a scrolling image, or will capture the ENTIRE (not just visible) web page to a JPEG file? I’ve tried a number of different ones, but doesn’t seem any of them will capture beyond what is visible.

First tried Awesome Screen Shot & Recorder

If I’m missing how to capture a full page (vertically bigger than what will show on my monitor), please someone guide me.

It is build-in feature in Firefox!

Doesn’t work. That only allows me to take a screen shot of what I can view on my monitor all at once. For a web page where you can scroll up and down vertically (so not everything can be on the monitor at once), how do I get an image capture of the whole page? I see that when right clicking and selecting Take Screenshot, I’m offered Save Visible or Save Full Page. But Save Full Page still only captures what is showing on the monitor. It doesn’t allow me to capture the full vertical image.

EDIT: Okay, I just tried to test it on this page, and it works here! But it doesn’t work where I’m trying to use it - where I need to get a screen capture of an order that shows the order info and items, which unfortunately takes some scrolling. Why would the Save Full Page option only take the visible image there?

Maybe it helps to scroll to the bottom of page first to initialize the full page (The page might be build in a “lazy-dynamic” way not rendering until shown) before taking the screenshot?
Otherwise it could be considered a bug maybe worth reporting on . Though try a search first on bugzilla to see if there already is an existing bug for similar issue.

I tried that, it didn’t work. you just end up with the capture being the bottom of the page instead of the top. I actually tried using a different system (work PC), logging on with Edge and using the built in screen shot there - same thing. So maybe the walmart page is built intentionally to make this difficult for some reason? Before posting here I had tried multiple screen shot add-ons that purport to be able to capture the whole page. And none worked on that page. I didn’t think to try them elsewhere.

I did a few tests around and it it seems its the grocery page. I can get full screen captures on but when I go to the section it no longer works.

I’ll look at bugzilla and see about reporting there.


If you are patient and a bit hackerish, you can use the Page Inspector to remove the scrollable interior regions of the page, or in other words, increase the height of those regions so they can be captured by scrolling the page itself. But normal people don’t want to have to do that…

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