Screenshot saving options menu placement

(Gregg Young) #1

Kijiji recently updated their website and did not include a “printer safe” button like they had in the older version, and although I’ve contacted them about the usefulness of this button, as well as many other people it seems, they still don’t have it.

When using your “take a screenshot” tool it very nicely scrolls down the page, but the adds cut off the important information as they float down with the page scrolling. I tried to do the opposite and scroll up to get rid of the floating adds but the options to “X” “download” or “save to the cloud” only appear at the bottom of the screen capture. Is it possible to get it to appear at the top as well? Or get it to float in the view-able area instead of just sticking to the bottom?

Thanks for your help

(Jared Hirsch) #2

We’ll be adding a full page screenshot feature in Firefox 57, which sounds like just what you’re looking for. You can give it a try right now in Nightly or Dev Edition.

Hope this helps,


(Gregg Young) #3

full webpage or full viewable page capturing only what one can view on a screen? It would have to scroll the whole page and then be edited.

(Jared Hirsch) #4

Actually, in 57 we’re adding both a ‘save visible’ button (just what’s on screen) and a ‘save full page’ button (save the whole page, up to 5000px long) :slight_smile:

Here’s a full page screenshot of a random kijiji category:

Is that what you were after?



(Gregg Young) #5

Yes, something like that would help for sure.