Add-on not supported as of Firefox 62?

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I have a WebExtensions add-on that is side-loaded by a Windows installer. This add-on has been used by thousands of customers for several years now. One of my customers informed me today that the add-on no longer works in Firefox 62.

Works in 61

Disabled in 62

I have been able to verify. The add-on works fine in 61, and is disabled in 62. It is signed by Mozilla, uses the WebExtensions API, and is listed on the AMO website as supporting FF versions 42.0 - *.

I have thoroughly read both the 62 release notes and the Extensions in Firefox 62 blog post. I don’t see anything that would explain why this extension would stop working. What am I missing?

Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I think how signing works has been slightly updated and you may have to get a newly signed version for it to work in 62, not totally sure on that, just some chat I’ve heard on the street corner :wink:

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Thank you for your response. It sounds plausible, especially since I noticed the following message in the browser console:

addons.xpi-utils	WARN	Add-on is not correctly signed.

To test the theory, I just signed the latest version of the extension:

Unfortunately, it exhibits the same behavior. It runs fine on version 61, but refuses to run on 62:

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To follow up, the answer lies in this blog post:

I missed this piece of information.

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