Seeking help in porting an add-on to WebExtensions

(Jan Sokolowsky) #1

I am looking for someone willing to help me port an add-on to WebExtensions, as my old add-on won’t work with the new Firefox in a few days. Mozilla’s Jorge Villalobos kindly pointed me to this forum.

A while back, I hired a programmer to write an add-on to Firefox for me to simplify my work flow (here’s what it does: I copy and paste a list of names into a pop-up window, and for each name a new tab is opened and the name is googled). Unfortunately, I don’t understand what it is I must do to keep the add-on functionality. More specifically, I am aware of the instructions, but as a non-programmer don’t understand any of it:

I hope that somebody here might be able and willing to help, please. I have no idea how difficult or time-intensive this is for someone who has the skill to do it. I don’t even know which files I have to make available; there are .json, .js, .min, and .xpi files.

Your help would be much appreciated. Or a pointer on where to hire someone, as well as what skills to look for.

Thank you very much!

(Elias Rabl) #2

Hello Mr. Sokolowsky,

I would be glad to help you.

Do you have some more information about the addon itself?
Maybe a link to the AMO listing or the xpi file?

All the best,
Elias Rabl

(Jan Sokolowsky) #3

Dear Elias:

I responded to you a few days ago from my email account – not sure if you received it or if the email is merely a notification to come back to this board. At any rate, your offer is very kind and I would love to take you up on it. I attached the xpi file to the email I sent you, but this board doesn’t allow me to attach an xpi file (uploads are limited to jpg, png, gif, jpeg, pdf, ics files). If you send me your personal/work email address, I can send it directly to you.

Thanks so much!

(Elias Rabl) #4

Hi Jan,

looks like your email respose hasn’t made it into my mail inbox.

Anyway I’ll write you a PN with my personal address.