Add-on Policy & Windows Key Registry access

hi i’m trying to enable add-on access with this Firefox policy i installed in windows:

<policy name="BlockAboutAddons" class="Both"
explainText="$(string.BlockAboutAddons_Explain)" key="Software\Policies\Mozilla
  <parentCategory ref="firefox"/>
  <supportedOn ref="SUPPORTED_FF60"/>
    <decimal value="1"/>
    <decimal value="0"/>

So in the windows registry i created & tried with those keys:





but nothing works i still have access to about:addons
for my add-on i would like to force the add-on to be enabled, disabling the disable/remove function.

i did that for Chrome and my add-on is enabled all the time, so users can’t remove the add-on (excellent for schools & home).

For that i created an .exe who create registry keys and enable those functions for the add-on!
Under chrome it works i’m trying to enable that with Firefox.






I don’t understand why people doesn’t help with my case, you know what, a company is doing LOT of money, changing everything inside Firefox, allowing users to do anything

So if they can change ANYTHING in the registry + policy why no one here is helping me.
my case is clear, and YES changing the WINDOWS REGISTRY affect the add-ons, we can do force install via registry we can force, the add-on to be enabled, exactly like in chrome, etc, i’m really tired, wand just some help, so don’t tell me anymore it is impossible !

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I can give you a hint: you’re asking about enterprise policies in a sub forum about extensions. I don’t have a clear place to point you to for enterprise support, but an extension forum likely isn’t the place…

well im trying to find the right place for my questions:

I Know it’s possible to force firefox to install add-on from registry key, i DID it, but it works juste once, why it’s a mystery here its the working key for my add-on
if i want this key to work, i need to launch cmd.exe in administrator mode then i apply this reg rule:
reg add HKLM\Software\Policies\Mozilla\Firefox\Extensions\Install /v 1 /d /f

BUT it worked just one time, i saw my add-on be installed, and working, but WHY just once???

i know also we can force add-ons to be force enabled, preventing the users to remove it.

but need to find the right people in the forum who can help me to solve those problems !

yeah i understand that, i want just help with the window registry, policy was another option.

Why Firefox make this so difficult to achieve ?
It’s really useful for legitimate add-ons/extensions to work that way, for example my add-on prevent access to adult sites & more, i don’t think it’s a bad idea to force LOCK once installed !

For Enterprise deployments I recommend you start here:

Why limited to enterprise use? Lots of home users can benefit.