Add-on previously validated and then rejected

(Emmanuel Sellier) #1


I had a very bad experience today…
The last versions of one of my add-on (existing since nearly 3 years) has been rejected after the latest version was validated 36 hours ago).
I guess that this means it is also disabled in users browsers… even if they have been using it for months.

This never happened before Quantum, is this the result of a new process in add-ons reviews?
Does that mean we cannot be sure that a new version is really validated when AMO says so… and you can decide without any warning to disable add-ons?

That turns me crazy… we have thousands of users and I have no idea what is the impact for users.

Now, I have submitted the fix, but no idea when/if it will be reviewed and accepted.

(erosman) #2

The AMO review system has changed. Please check the following for more info:

(Caitlin Neiman) #3

Hi @emmanuel_sellier, I’m sorry that you had a bad experience. :frowning:

Can you send me your add-on’s name or join us on in the #addon-reviewers channel? I’d be happy to look into this.

(Emmanuel Sellier) #4

OK thanks erosman

But what is, exactly, the impact on users?
It’s really difficult to manage this kind of situation…

(erosman) #5

Well… there has been a lot of discussions about it. In order to have a speedy turn around, addons are Automatically approved (with some reservations). However, they will still be reviewed by a human at some point later to make sure they conform to AMO policies.

I understand your concerns and I am sorry about the inconvenience.

(Emmanuel Sellier) #6

OK, we lack of time to read all discussions, and we missed that.
Suggestion: Could you propose two options?
1/ “quick” approval - but with the risk of later rejection
2/ full (human) approval - as before with no risk to be dereferenced

But maybe that was also discussed :slight_smile:

Thanks for your job that is really important for the safety of all our users :smile: