Add-on request: Kill switch for VPN browser extension

I use a VPN, more specifically a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox. I use it occasionally, i.e. sometimes I surf using the VPN and sometimes using my own IP address. One day, while I was surfing through the vpn, I realized by chance that, in reality, I was surfing through my real IP address for many hours because the VPN connection had stopped working without any visual notification.
So my request is:
Is it possible to create a kill switch, which will terminate the firefox application when VPN connection drops? I am not a program developer and I can’t really tell what is feasible but I imagine it as an add-on which will watch the vpn connection every 0.1-0.5 seconds when the vpn browser extension is switched-on and terminate the firefox application immediately. Or, alternatively, the user will switch on/off the kill switch add-on manually, if it is not possible to start/close automatically together with the vpn browser extension.

Thank you

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A similar for chrome: