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This is a thread for questions about the add-on review process.

I’ll be merging older existing threads into this one to help keep them in one place. If you have a question that hasn’t been previously answered, please feel free to ask it here.

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For over a week now the signing process for unlisted addons has been on the fritz, usually when this happens I wait a day and things are fine but this has not changed. I have two versions of my extension, a public listed one that is normal release (I am fine with the delay on that one), and a beta build which is self hosted and only needs signed and this is where my problem lies.

I use web-ext to sign the extension on a gitlab runner, this process usually takes 5 minutes or so and my runner passes and I get the .xpi file I can move to the webserver. I have tried upping the timeout on it to 30, then 50 minutes and it still times out.

I have been getting the emails about reviews slowed by covid, so did this human virus somehow start infecting your servers? I am totally fine with waiting a few hours for my normal release since I need to upload that manually anyway, but my beta version goes through an automated system that is broke now because the timeouts made my gitlab runner fail. Is whatever non covid reason your signing process is taking so long being looked at, can we get some status updates on this?

The extension name is All Mangas Reader Beta

Hi @batosi05, sorry to hear about your frustration. It looks like you submitted a recent version on Friday. It can take some time over the weekend for a review to become complete.

We took a look at your add-on and it looks like your extension package includes some large JS files. That can certainly impact your automated review time.

It has not before, webpack has been giving me large files for a while now and the process only took minutes. This is not something I changed, this is something going on your end. I have an unlisted one that I submitted 11 days ago that has still not been approved.

Thanks, I’ll ask the team to look into it.

What about my addon (VK Plus Script)? I’ve been waiting already for 14-16 days, and the new version is still unreviewed. One of your reviewers asked me to provide some details on code safety, I gave the details like 5-6 days ago, and still nothing. I really need the update, the layout on the site is broken :frowning:

Yup, same thing happening here for the last couple of days. Unlisted addon id is “”. All attempts to upload and sign the addon result in a status of “Awaiting Review”. This can be seen on our addon status page

Can someone please look into this with some urgency, or figure out how we can get these addons signed and released to our unlisted subscribers.


Hi @karl.dearden, the team has been notified and will be looking into this soon.

Hi Caitlin, any update on this? Or is there some bug I can follow on bugzilla?


Hi, the same situation is with our extension ( Urban Free VPN proxy Unblocker - Best VPN: which is waiting for the review for 11 days. I’d appreciate getting further steps and resolution ETA from your side.

@caitlin or anyone at AMO. We still cannot sign or release any addons. Can someone please look into this with some urgency. Thank you.

Hi all
Firstly, if I offend anyone by not knowing the process or making assumptions then I am sorry in advance.

I’ve got a simple private addon that I use internally at my company. Its not really complicated but I have been shipping this for nearly 5 years.

Originally add on reviews at the start were fast but now I am unsure of the following:

Is there a queue or log of pending work that is being reviewed - is this visible to me?
Can we check who is reviewing the code?
What time is required for review?
Are you reviewing from scratch or do you review diffs of the addon?
Does someone get assigned “long term” for a particular addon to review?
Re reviews: Who are these people? How do we contact them? Are they contactable?
Do you have a list of reviewers online?
What happens when we submit the code for review - what the process etc?

Lots of things. Some of this is answered but finding the information and clarifying it is not outdated is helpful


You should see your queue position in the left sidebar of the add-on management UI.

You can converse with the reviewer in the version details, or by replying to the review email iirc. Before they first reviewed the best way to give a reviewer information is either with the whiteboard in the add-on information or the version specific field at the end of the upload flow (below the changelog field).

The process is that in general updates are reviewed automatically by a machine and then possibly manually reviewed later on. I think new submissions are always reviewed by a human.

Thanks for a fast reply. Sorry but I’m not seeing the queue position. Hmm. Any screenshots of what you are referring to? email irc? Do you mean the link “Awaiting Review” - where we can post messages?

I don’t currently have an extension in review, however it should be shown on and when you click on any of the links to edit the extension’s details (it will then be in the box in the top left where it also shows the status).

If you forgot to add instructions during upload, you can still add them to the whiteboard (that’s at the very bottom of “Edit Product Page”).
The version specific conversation will be visible under “Review History” in “Manage Status & Versions”.

Thanks Martin appreciate the reply. Let me look

Nope, nothing at all is available anywhere. I’ve look at every single link and it doesnt show the queue position anywhere nor does it have any information about the reviewer. Has this changed? Do I have the right permissions to see this?

I’m just a little baffled why I need to get approval for a non non publicaly distributed addon. Feeling that this is a bit pointless to have “code reviewed” for an addon that I use internally within my company…given that I get “Your submission will be automatically signed.” isnt this supposed to be automatic?

Hi Brett, can you share the name of your add-on with us or provide a URL to your add-on’s review page so we can look into it? We’ve had some upticks in review issues recently which may have affected your add-on.

Hi Caitlin, I got a reply from Ultron about an hour ago. An evil eval was lurking in the code from years back, so it was blocked. All good now. Resubmitted and should be good to go

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