Add support for Real-time Noise cancellation in all DeepSpeech Inference Examples (Feature Request)

Hi all, I have few ideas to clean audio in real-time and make it noise free. In fact I have tested code by recording and playing back back audio with noise canceled. I was wondering if anyone here would be ineterested to assist me add my code in DeepSpeech-examples repo for

example. As we say garbage in garbage out so better/clean input will certainly make quite a lot difference to the output of the model.


You may want to look into following discussion about the same/similar topic:

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Yes, I have read those threads but I was thinking maybe they need test out those and integrate their code with DeepSpeech-examples or particularly with streaming examples to get better output. Hence the “feature request”

Please understand the examples are maintained by people who are writing them. So if you want the feature, either contact it’s author or write it.

Please also note that the examples are mostly here to help people see how to use the API in various situations.

Hmm, understood. I was under the impression that both were managed by Mozilla and probably same team of devs. Thanks for clearing that up. I will write that up myself and maybe send them a PR.