Add Tamil Speech

(Solomon Nadar) #1

Please add support for Tamil speech. There is a high need for Indic language support.

(Michael Henretty) #2

We will consider it! We are ramping up to localize the site very soon, and are investigating which languages to look at.

You could help us by looking for a large collection (at least thousands) of Tamil sentences that people can read into Common Voice. The restriction is that these sentences must be in the public domain already (ie. CC0 or no license at all).

Once we have that, it becomes very easy to deploy a Tamil version of Common Voice.

(Drashti Pandya) #3

That’s great! I assume it will be same for all other languages than English. Do you have any plan to include other language than English. Diversity and localisation is the thing I love in Mozilla <3

(Solomon Nadar) #4

How about the Tamil Wikipedia texts? Seems to be licensed under the CC.

(Phanthanhlong7695) #5

@mhenretty how about Vietnamese Speech. I’m try but not work