Adding a Privacy policy

My addon got removed as didn’t have privacy policy

Trying to add sample code here

Added this to addon stop it working not sure what i am doing wrong

    const url = browser.runtime.getURL("views/installed.html");
    browser.tabs.create({ url });

Anyone that could help would be appricated

Thanks in advance

Are you asking one question or two here?

Hi @hopkins.joan, if any data is being transmitted from the user’s device via your extension, you need to provide a privacy policy explaining what is being sent and how it’s used. Our Add-on Policies spell out the requirements for your privacy policy.

It looks like you’re also trying to add an event listener to detect when the extension is installed so it can pop up a new page with data consent information. Is that correct?

Yeah I think I sorted it out now needed permission I believe

Hello. I created a “Privacy Policy” in an Html file inside the extension - however, the moderator requires that if the user does not agree with the rules, they can click a special button or link to delete the extension. However, I did not find a function in the Firefox API that would allow you to delete an addon with one click from the user’s computer - maybe I need to give some link to the *xpi file? Does anyone know anything about this?

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