Adding password generation rules

I would like to allow for custom password generation rules when we use the use a securely generated password option. The way it currently works is inflexible and can even fail some sites password validation from what I can see. I think Keepass’ password generator may be a good source to go off of.


Who in their right minds ever thought you can release password generator without any options at all?
Maybe I am too rough but years past and new firefox is still retarded. Lack of basic functionality in every field, incomplete API with many bugs, bugs on bugzilla where discussions about whether it is very important or only important can continue through several years without any attempt to solve the issue. At this point I am frustrated and exhausted.

It would be lovely if you could edit your post to remove the slur (the r-word), you might have mentioned some interesting things past that word, but it stopped me in my tracks so no idea.

To answer your question of who in their right minds would create a password generator without any options at all, I think it’s fair to say the Lockwise team. I am guessing, but I think it might have something to do with the feature of it automatically generating a password when creating a new account or perhaps they simply don’t want to overwhelmed users with a lot of options.
Needless to say I would like to be able to change the generator settings because I really like having incredibly long and ridiculously complex unique passwords for every service I use and am not satisfied with the passwords that are generated by the extension thus far.
Perhaps this could be made possible by adding a “configure generator settings” option to the drop down menu, which crates a popup window where you can configure the type of password you want and it will then automatically fill it in once you are satisfied and click okay.

And they succeed because there are no options at all. This is very bad situation because at this moment this generated passwords don’t meet requirements on many webpages. Thus they’re useless.

Why I wouldn’t (youtube video)