Adding policy based custom configurations on a Extension in a Organisation

We are trying to install an Extension which captures performance metrics of end users of our Org , we need to push this extension to all the users in our Org via Policy based so that there is no user interaction for installing this plugin, however we are unable to find how to add details explicitly to the extension the details include the Host, port and version where the plugin will be sending the data , need help to find the appropriate details

If you’d want externally configured settings for your extension you’d usually use managed storage:

I think I heard there was some work to support that in policies, but not sure.

Using Managed Storage is not helping us as in the registry you still need to provide the location of your JSON file in your system ,
As we are trying to push in our whole org , we have to copy and paste the JSON file somewhere on the user’s machine and then update the registry ,
and if the users accidentally deletes this JSON file the data that we are expecting will not be passed through the beacon on the Mozilla browser .
Basically we are trying to capture the END user experience by collecting the data from the browser while the users interacts with the web application on the browser.

Given that I can’t find any trace of policies straight out supporting setting extension configs (neither managed storage nor otherwise), I would suggest to figure out a way to provision your clients with the JSON file in a place where they are not allowed to touch the file, after all if you control enterprise policies, you should be able to also control files…

Failing that, you’d have to write your own system, which you can too, since you control the extension and the network environment of your clients.

Or you’d wait for Firefox to support something along the lines of what you need.

Ah, excuse me, seems like I wasn’t looking at new enough documentation, you can already set managed storage values using policies in Firefox:

Thanks for the Link,
I went through the doc , but it seems like ExtensionSettings has only default settings that we can provide like install_url , error_message etc.
Where can we add the configuration like for eample:
the host name: “” , port:8080 , version:1.0
i am unable to find this info on the doc , if you could guide me through, that would be very helpful.

It’s up to the extension author to support custom settings via chrome storage managed. Then those settings can be set via the 3rdparty policy (via GPO or policies.json). We support these via a special policy called “3rdparty” (This is how Chrome works as well)


I haven’t done enough yet to document this because I haven’t had any extension authors ask about it. We use it for the Legacy Browser Support addon.

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