Adding the extension to the Productivity category

(Kirill Maximov) #1

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently posted my first two FireFox extensions to

The extensions are about Checkvist - online outliner and hierarchical task manager. One extension is a FireFox sidebar, and another - bookmarklet.

My question is - how to add these extensions to the Productivity category on the add-ons site? I’m afraid I did not find this category when editing the listing for the extensions.

Thank you and sorry if this is not an appropriate forum.
Kind regards,

(Martin Giger) #2

That is not a category but a collection. It is curated by Mozilla staff as far as I know.

It would be a bit alarming if there were only 15 productivity extensions on all of AMO, wouldn’t it?

(Kirill Maximov) #3

Hello, Martin,

Thanks for the answer! It looks like you’re correct, but I’d be glad to hear about some details, are there any formal procedure to get there. If there is any :slight_smile:


(Jorge) #4

There’s some related info on this page:

(Kirill Maximov) #5

Thanks a lot, this is helpful!