Adding extensions as favorites or to collections is FUBAR

The new AMO is FUBAR. From an extension’s page, there is no quick way to add the extension as a favorite, or add it to one of your collections.

Also, the previous AMO wasn’t even working correctly. When trying to add an extension to a collection, the pop-up menu would incorrectly indicate if the extension was already in that collection, as well as erroneously indicate whether or not it was in your other collections.

If Mozilla is interested in building communities and a following, it seems like they would want to fix all these issues.

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Please restore ability to Add to Favorites, and Add to Collection, list all collections ad-on belongs to. And link to collection from the Add to Collection list.

I am a big creator and manager of add-on collections (120+). I NEED these features.

I hope reads this post. If not, what is best what is best way to elevate attention to this issue?

Please see my other replies here:

This add-on NO LONGER WORKS because mozilla made change to their site for security reasons. I appreciate the motivation BUT we again lost access to easy management of collections. See this post here:

Let’s make some noise…hopefully someone at Mozilla will listen.

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